Friday, May 25, 2007

Three Zero One

When I go to the office of Genpect on Monday I, along with a friend of mine, will be assigned to some projects most probably relating to Network Security Operations. My visit to that place today lasted for almost 10 hours and I liked it. I am grateful to a senior of mine who also happens to be the brother of a friend I have for letting me have this chance of getting an internship at this company. InshAllah I will be working here at Genpact for the next one month as an 'intern'.

Today's time there showed me things what the three years of engineering couldn't explain me. I saw many things I had just heard of and read of being implemented there. Right from the place and the way people worked there amazed me. Looking at the work culture here, I understand how much many people mostly students don't get to know what they must know about being an employee to any company. I will learn a lot more just this. InshAllah.

I was almost ready at 8:30 am in the morning when I found that two of my belts were missing. I spent almost 20 minutes searching for them and landed on an old one I had stopped using a long while ago. Later after reaching home I came to from my brother that he had used the new one which I was using lately and he doesn't know where the other one is. He had used it a few weeks back. I wanted to scold him. But he showed a sorry face that told me he never meant to cause any trouble to me. I hardly said anything to him except reminding him that he once said he never uses that belt of mine.

My journey back home from Genpact, while is located at Uppal, was in a cab provided to me by them for transport. I like they way their transport system works - with the screens that show ID numbers along with the cab's number which has been assigned to take an employee home. Everything is so organized and well managed that I don't think an average thinking person would ask for more.

I am required to be there for five days a week. And so, tomorrow and Sunday happen to be holidays for me. I will perhaps spend some time with some book on Java and of course there is this thing called as CAT. I have to give a deep thinking of that as my classes at CL are scheduled to be conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays every week during these holidays and it won't be possible for me to attend them. I hope Allah helps me find a better way.

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