Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It really don't matter to me now

Around 2:30 pm yesterday I had a mango in my right hand and a knife in the left. I was about to use my hands on the two things when my father arrived home. He asked me to stop immediately and have the vegetable pulao he had brought. He got it from some restaurant named 'Raaga' on him way back home near Rajendranagar. It was nice.

I tried to sleep after that but could hardly bear the heat. My house being on 1st floor with no shadows around, makes up for super-heated rooms inside. The mattress kills. Even though I had hardly slept for an hour the previous night, I slept after 3 am yesterday. I woke up at 10 today.

Sunday night my friend had come to my house late evening and was here till almost 3 am. We studied half of the time and enjoyed the rest. Not that studying was not enjoyable, the other part was a little extra. Yesterday night too one of my friends was here for some time. I had even tried to watch television yesterday, but had to switch it off. Nothing could convince me.

Today at 10:25 am a friend came to my house. We went to PVR Cinema from there. He wanted to buy tickets for Superman 3. He had plans to watch it with his old school friend. Even I had a plan to watch that movie with my other friends, but not at PVR. He didn't get tickets there. We went to Sensation and came to know that there was no advance booking and tickets could be purchased just sometime before the show. We spent sometime at a friend's house, then came back here again.

Few more of my friends joined, we purchased the tickets, and left for Prasad's - to have something at McDonald's. The show was from 3:30 pm and reached home a little after 6. I won't say much about the movie. I watch them so that I could be with my friends and find some entertainment. I never get much into any movies - especially never into a movie with the idea of superheroes. These two days I had thought of several small things I could write on my blog. But now when I try to recollect them, nothing comes up!

I have never seen a greater monster or miracle in the world than myself.

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

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