Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It starts from here

If men knew all that women think, they’d be twenty times more daring.

Alphonse Karr

Saturday evening I was desperate to see Monday come. Monday came and it went. It left a lot with it. And made me realize something important too. I understood how I am going to feel when its the end of engineering and all of us - me and my friends - will take our own ways. One of my friends left for Riyadh early morning today and another friend will be leaving shortly. I will surely miss them a lot.

Monday I was going to meet my friends. Two of them where giving treats to celebrate their birthdays. We had our lunch at The Hub near Panjagutta and ice cream at Baskin and Robins. We had a wonderful time and I reached home around 5:45 pm with a friend. An old friend had come to my house by then. He studies in Amravati and he is here for his vocation. We had lengthy talks mostly about studies. Just before he was leaving another friend came down to my house.

He was with me till 12 midnight. We went outside to have our dinner but everything was closed down. We spent some time at another friend's house, had some fun and I returned home. I had my dinner at 12:30 pm.

Around 11:30 pm my friend called me up to tell me that we will meet only in July now. It really made me feel bad. I know I have to see harder things than this. Late night (early morning) I had a chat with a cousin and it was only then that I felt better. Even today afternoon a friend turned up at my house. It was nice having him here. We spent an hour and he dropped me at Mehdipatnam form where I went to my grandmother's house.

In last 24 to 48 hours I have spent a lot of time enjoying and the rest thinking and contemplating. Though I enjoyed all of it, I know that the thing I am confused about now is weired to the extent and sense that I may sound weired if I attempt explaining here now. I won't do it. Had a talk about it with a friend a little while ago and I felt lighter.

My uncle who lives in US will be here in Hyderabad on 10th of June inshAllah. He will be here after five years. Two of my cousins won't be here. One is in Kyrgyzstan and the other is busy with his studies back in Houston. Two of my aunts who live in Mecca will be here too. Even my cousin from London. I am sure many more people are coming. I am waiting to meet them all.

When I say that I am waiting, it is supposed to mean a lot of heavy things for me. I will be starting with my preparation for CAT in a day. Then there is something very important I will be stepping into. In July I will start with my mock CAT tests. Then the campus placement interviews from August. Then CAT, MAT and XAT in the last two months of this year. The next six months are bound to be tough and they will make a very big difference to me and many things around me. At this moment of time, some silly thing is bugging me. Huh!

My cousin from Gulbarga called me in the evening. He started with asking em to update my blog. He scolded me for not doing it. All I could do was feel very nice. It was sweet of him to call. Even a friend asked me about the blog sometime back. I feel really nice when I am asked about my blogs. This is the 299th post here.

I spoke for some good time with my cousin. We discussed many things. He is busy preparing for his exams. But he is alone at home. His parents are in Sakaka, Saudi Arabia and his elder brother is here in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad inshAllah he will start with his DNB orthopedics at a well known hospital shortly.

I spoke a lit with my grandmother too today. I went there to talk to her; to listen to what she has to say. I asked about the past - about my grandfather's family and her family. I was amazed to know that there are so many relatives who are supposed to be close enough in relation to us but are hardly in contact. She told me about the people who are living and many people who have left this world. Almost everything I heard kept reminding me of my grandfather. And all the while I was listening to my grandmother, I somehow felt that my grandfather was still there in his room. Allah is beautiful.

My cousin scolded me telling that he had enough with seeing that picture with a slipper and the Charminar. I knew I was being a little lazy. Yesterday I didn't write because I didn't want to capture my sad mood - I was already missing my friend and the chats we were having almost everyday till late nights and early mornings. I didn't feel like writing on Sunday. I don't remember what happened on Saturday. I just remember playing cricket with my brother in the evening!

I am not able to fall asleep easily now a days. I go to bed and keep lying for a lot of time tossing and waiting for sleep to hold me. And once I catch up with it, I don't feel like leaving it. I however feel sleep as a waste of time, but I understand it's importance. I will be changing some habits in the days to come.

Tomorrow I have to attend a class at CL at 9:30 am. There I will catch up with the in-charge and explain him how it will be n my benefit if I can find some parallel batch on weekends. I can go there only on Saturdays and Sundays. I hope they can help me. Even my friend there too wants the same thing. InshAllah some way will be found.


faraz baig said...

zubby u wrote 3 paragraphs on me ,thats very nice of u... learned so much about family in ur blog...keep updating it...

Aymen said...

salaam alaykum,just wanted to let you know that muddasir will be comming.