Saturday, March 24, 2007

My word

I reached home at 8:45 pm today. I had been to college with not very clear reasons. I had some work in the lab with OOSD. I spent some time in the library and some of it in the canteen. I reached my grandmother's house at 2:40 pm, had lunch, and slept for an hour.

Sometime back I returned from a walk with my father. I asked him if we could go out, he agreed, and we did. We had tea at a near by hotel and he smoked a cigarette. I thought of telling a few things but refrained from them. I was lacking courage. But I did talk about something that helped me know what he thinks about the thing I wanted to talk on. I understand I am being idiosyncratic saying all this as it must not be making any sense, but it is just what I mean to write here.

Yesterday in the evening I took a ride on my father's new two-wheeler. It was simple and I could handle the vehicle with no much trouble. I just need to have a little idea about the application of brake. Or I should say, I need to let myself know that this vehicle has two brakes unlike a car, and the one I must be frequently using is the one near my right foot and not the right hand.


Aymen said...

is it a chetak?

xubayr said...

you let me down aymen! I have already mentioned in the blog itself that it is a honda eterno.

Aymen said...

wasnt reading the blog regularly,still thats a super cool scooter...would u lemme ride it?:D