Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday I went to bed at 12:30 am after turning the computer off at 12. I didn't know what to write. Even now as I type this, I do not know what I am going to have in the next sentence.

Right from yesterday I was not completely sure if I was going to the college today. Today morning a friend called and I stayed back home. I had a full breakfast after many days. I have been having a banana, a fried egg and a mug of coffee daily. Last three days I took some other thing and not coffee. Its getting hot here with temperatures soaring day by day. After the breakfast I spent some time in front of the computer and went to sleep again. I slept for more than 3 hours. I felt bad I wasted too much time.

Tomorrow I have a lab internal test in Computer Graphics. I still have to start studying. The test is int he afternoon after the Friday prayers so I guess I have time. This very thing - "I have time" - is the worst thing that always happens. I don't think I need to further explain why I say this. It is pretty apparent.

Yesterday a company named Embedded Infotech selected some students from 3rd year CSE and IT branches. We had an aptitude cum technical test. Many must have qualified given that the test was simple enough. But only a few selected students were shortlisted. One of my friends too was there in the list. The next round saw a technical interview. He couldn't somehow manage that. I told my parents about everything. In contrast to my expectations, they didn't react the way I thought they would.

I was in the college yesterday till 6:10 pm. I had a class at CL from 6:30 pm. It was a workshop on quantitative analysis and we discussed Arithmetic topics like percentages, profit & loss, time-speed-distance, allegations and a little more. I reached home around 9:30 pm. In the mean while both my parents called me at least 5 times. They forgot that I had a class in the evening. I had earlier in the day called up my brother to inform him about the same. And when my brother told my mother that I had a class, she didn't understand it! I had to do a bit of controlling of my anger.

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